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Not A Happy Family


Shari Lapena

Rating: 10/10

What a quality mystery book! While it didn't involve any flashy fight scenes (boo!!), it had a multilayered mystery that more than made up for it. There were so many scenes where characters would say really suspicious things, only to find out that they really weren't the real killer. I'd say the action was much more toned down than in David Baldacci's mystery books, but I liked the change in scenery. In this book, the stakes are high: people are fighting to not go to jail and receive the multimillion-dollar inheritance. And that's what makes this book so juicy. Summary: Fred and Sheila Merton, the parents of three kids, Catherine, Dan, and Jenna gets murdered, and the police immediately suspects the the kids. That's because they stand to gain millions of dollars in inheritance, and when the learn of each other's whereabouts during the murders, the kids immediately began to suspect each other. They then start to turn on each other as the evidence starts stacking up against them.


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