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Madeline Miller

Rating: 10/10

Whenever I read Madeline Miller's books, I sit for hours, turning the pages without any concept of time because it's just that good. Never have I ever read hundreds of pages about a woman stuck on a deserted island and stayed hooked on it. I think it's just talented writing, but maybe I'm just biased because I love reading greek mythology books. The plot and character development of the book is nothing short of amazing, and if she puts out a new book, I'll be the first one lining up to read it. Summary: Circe, daughter of Helios, who for years found herself weaker than her fellow nymphs, discovered that she possessed the power of witchcraft. After she told her father, she gets banished to a remote island for all of eternity. There she sits, helping stranded sailors and working to find purpose in her life.


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