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Daisy Jones & The Six


Taylor Jenkins Reid

Rating: 11/10

Another great book by Taylor Jenkins Reid! After finding out that this book existed, I was ecstatic — after all I just read Malibu Rising: one of the best books ever made. These two books actually immersed me in the story, and everything felt so real to me. Very few books actually make me feel this way; I always feel like an outsider. Now, to feed the Taylor Jenkins Reid hype train, I also just bought Carrie Soto Is Back, and man I am excited to read that too! Okay, back to Daisy Jones. This book tells a story about rockstars who — surprise surprise — are battling alcohol and drug addictions. After all, it's a canon occurrence. How creative. The whole storyline is apparently a long-winded explanation of why the group split up in Chicago. I wished I read the summary beforehand because I didn't realize this until the end of the book. Actually, scratch that, DO NOT read the summary. The suspense is actually better for you, just trust me, bro. I'm also a huge fan of the transcription-style writing here. I love reading interviews like this normally, and seeing this in a book is like a breath of fresh air. I love books that take risks like these. It just makes the whole experience that much more enjoyable. Furthermore, I was also caught off guard that she brought in a character from Malibu Rising. Remember Mick Riva? If you don't, I suggest you go to the nearest bookstore and buy Malibu Rising. It's just a nice touch.


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