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Happy Place


Emily Henry

Rating: 10/10

What a great book! When I saw that it was half off at Target, I didn't hesitate to pick it up, and I'm glad I did. While I love Emily Henry's romance novels, some of them felt a little lackluster at times. Lackluster as in I didn't feel drawn to the pages and I had to take a break from reading her books. This one is better, and it feels like it has more emotion and passion in it. I mean, for once it isn't completely centered around two characters! Everybody has problems, and it's great that this novel reflects that. I mean, it's great reading some generic cheesy romance novel, but this definitely tops that. I loved the amount of twists at the end, and reading those were like music to my ears. It was like a machine gun blasting towards me, and it made finishing the story that much more pleasurable. The tension between Wyn and Harriet was amazing, and although it did feel drawn out at times, I'm glad that this problem was minimized in this book. Not like People We Meet on Vacation.


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