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A Gentleman in Moscow


Amor Towles

Rating: 6/10

Although this book was rated extremely high, I felt that 90% of the book was so boring. I was actually considering DNF-ing the book halfway through, but I guess the sunk cost fallacy convinced me otherwise. Don't get me wrong, the last 5%-10% of the book was amazing, the rest was full of conversations that, most times, felt insignificant. I personally don't get the premise of centering a book around a person under house arrest because there's only so much variety that you can put in the book. Plus, the book really did feel overwhelming — I think being sleep deprived while reading this on the train prevented me from really wanting to read the book. It's filled with complicated sentence structures that make you feel like it's been written in the 1800s. The uninteresting setting plus the complicated language reminds me of this Ernest Hemingway book I read in 8th grade. Okay, this one might be a little less intense, but I assure you, the vibes definitely were not there.


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