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One Italian Summer


Rebecca Serle

Rating: 7/10

This was, in all honesty, one of the weirdest books that I have ever read. Within the first few pages, Katy talks about how she and her mother had this sacred relationship shared by nobody but them. She says that while her mother loves Katy's dad and Katy loves her husband, Katy and her mother love each other even more. While I don't think that this statement was made with romantic intent, it certainly FELT LIKE IT DID. And that, on it's own, is very off-putting. This book isn't just weird, it's also messed up. I'll talk about it more in the spoilers, but I just found it interesting how Serle makes terrible actions feel so innocent in a book. I had to circle back and reread sentence that I thought was previously innocuous, only to say to myself "wow that was really messed up." It seems to send the message that doing these things is totally okay, even if in reality it isn't the case. While this book was marketed as a romance novel, it didn't even feel like one. In fact, I don't even know, to this day, what it is. Sure, there's steamy scenes but I wouldn't call anything what Katy did romantic at all. Whatever, rant over. Read at your own risk :)


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