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The Forever War


Joe Haldeman

Rating: 12/10

I think that this is my sign to read more science fiction novels. I was really into them as a kid, and even now, I have never been more entertained. The novel goes into a dystopian future where we fight another species light-years away. It touches on the horrors of war and the inhumanity of forcing people to fight others. The novel focuses on Mandella, a soldier who was drafted to fight in an UN effort to destroy the Taurans. A lot of Mandella's squad were killed in many battles, and we really dive deep into the mind of a man who really didn't want to fight. He fought to survive, not to kill. It's really an interesting read, and the action kept me on my toes throughout the book. Both forces travel around space through wormholes (like Interstellar!) and they build bases on random planets, and made very dangerous suits on planets not suitable for habitation. It's so sad seeing many people die from the suits alone, and as many years passed, the war kept on dragging on and on. The romantic relationship that Mandella had was also very interesting, as it added so much flair to the already depressing situation that humanity was in.


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