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One Good Deed


David Baldacci

Rating: 10/10

As of now, this book dethroned Beach Read by Emily Henry as my new favorite book! Although I admit that I hate reading (or watching) works based on the past, this book is a notable exception. It captures the 1940s Midwestern vibe so well, including but not limited to old jargon, increased police autonomy, and inequalities between genders. Even the characters talk differently! I always appreciate authors doing extra research to give a somewhat realistic story — it makes me feel like I'm Archer himself. Plus, who doesn't love an ol' fashioned murder mystery? This thriller is different from most that I've read — the action isn't the main driver of the book, but the intricacies and plot twists surrounding the murders are. But I promise, it will still be a page-turner if you're part of the majority that loves classic murder mysteries. Throughout the book, I audibly gasped when the people who I thought committed the murders were actually innocent. Furthermore, the theories and twists were just so unpredictable; I felt like a conspiracy theorist while reading this book. It's just that good. Summary: After Aloysius Archer, a World War II vet, is released from prison, he arrives at Poca City on parole to start a new life. Quickly, he finds a short-term job as a debt collector for a powerful businessman, Hank Pittleman. His goal: to steal a Cadillac from a stubborn shotgun-wielding madman hellbent on not paying his debt. Later, a murder takes place in the same hall where Archer lives, and he's the prime suspect. He's completely innocent, but how will he prove that? Will he solve this mystery before the authorities arrest him? His life is on the line, and he's the only one that can save it.


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