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The One


John Marrs

Rating: 9/10

Oh man, reading this book was exhausting — in a good way. After every single chapter, there was a plot twist of some sort; in other words, I audibly gasped every five pages. At first, I didn't like that Marrs constantly rotated between 5 people's POV, but it started to become intoxicating. Even though it was overwhelming in the beginning, it allowed for constant twists and turns, married with constant refreshes of characters. While the main drawback of rotating through characters is decreased character development, I thought that the constant twists addressed this concern fairly well. If a plot twist happens every 5 pages, character development obviously runs its course faster. Consequently, the story also moved much faster, which kept me on my toes. Honestly, I loved this sudden change of pace and would love for authors to copy this book's layout. One gripe I had with this book was its ending, which I will discuss later in the review. Nonetheless, if you're looking for a thriller, this one will not disappoint! Summary: Match Your DNA, a multibillion-dollar corporation, discovered a gene that could match people based on a preconceived genetic link. Thus, if you find a partner on this platform, you're guaranteed to be their soulmate. At least, that's the promise that you're given. As a result of this moneymaking scheme, people have torn apart families, deserted dating apps, and even murdered each other. In this book, we look at this through the lens of five people, who have been matched based on this platform. But it turns out, your match might not be what you're expecting, and even soulmates can be murderous lunatics. But still, in theory, it should help more people than not, right? Well, that's what you'll find out later in this book.


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