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The Last Thing He Told Me


Laura Dave

Rating: 5/10

Frankly, this was one of the most overhyped books I have ever read, and I've read People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry. For how many ratings it has, it sucks. When I checked this book out, I couldn't help but notice the large "Reese's Book Club" sticker on the cover, which really cracked me up. I want to meet the people in this club because it's already making me question the legitimacy of said club. Ok fine, I might be overreacting here — the book isn't terrible per se, just extraordinarily average. Like the University of Virginia dining hall food average. It doesn't give you food poisoning, but it isn't exactly a tasty meal either. I might be spoiled by the sudden twists in The One by John Marrs, but this book felt like a joke compared to it. The plot was bland and underwhelming — at times, Hannah seemed paranoid, since the author consistently failed to show the true gravity of her situation. In many parts of the story, it felt as if the main characters were in a bubble, unaffected by the outside world, which downplayed the urgency of their problems. Like I get that you need this "bubble" for character development, but maybe you shouldn't waste my time and call this a thriller. Because it isn't, it's just a mystery book. Don't bother reading this book if you want some adrenaline-rushing moments, because there's barely any violence, police involvement, or any sense of urgency. It's just two people investigating a mystery, that's all. Summary: When Owen Michaels is caught in an SEC scandal that could implicate him in fraud, he suddenly disappears and instructs his wife, Hannah, to protect their child Bailey under any circumstances. He also leaves them a black duffel bag full of cash. Neither Hannah nor Bailey knows why, and they get visits from a US Marshal and two FBI agents. Hannah and Bailey then try feverishly to figure out why Owen disappeared, and they quickly realize that Owen isn't who they think he is. They need to figure out who Owen really is, and why he's in trouble. Because it sounds like he's in more trouble than any of them realize.


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