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Emily Henry

Rating: 8/10

This book felt like a midpoint between People We Meet on Vacation and Beach Read. It went deeper into personal issues than did People We Meet on Vacation, yet it was a lot funnier than Beach Read. I related a lot to Nora: setting high expectations for myself, thinking New York City is the best city in the world, working at the expense of my social life, etc. Ok, this is getting too personal. However, I loved to see her battle her issues, but I'm taking away a star since Emily Henry didn't go deep enough. Boo, superficial books suck. Book Lovers is about Nora Stephens, a literary agent who meets Charlie Lastra, a book editor. Since Nora is such a workaholic, he sister convinces her to take a trip with her to Sunshine Falls, North Carolina, which coincidently is Charlie's hometown. Despite Nora hating Charlie's guts, they keep on bumping into each other, and who knows — maybe they'll fall in love.


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